Local 1565 Retiree Seeks General Assembly Seat in Nov. 6 Election

Larry Groh, Jr. is a retired Council 4 union member who wants to bring a working person’s perspective to the Connecticut General Assembly as he seeks to represent the 51st House District (Killingly, Putnam and Thompson) in the Nov. 6 election.

Groh is a retired member of Local 1565, one of three AFSCME bargaining units representing the NP-4 Department of Correction employees.

“I believe in unions and the right to organize,” he said. “I will support those rights at the General Assembly.”

Groh spent 20 years as a Correction Officer at Brooklyh Correctional Center. Before that, worked on the shop floor at Pratt & Whitney, which was his first job covered by a collective bargaining agreement between the employer and the Machinists Union.

Because P&W was an open shop, Groh was not required to join the union. But once he understood the value of representation, and workplace solidarity, he readily signed on.

“I didn’t have to join, but I did,” he reflected. “There’s strength in numbers. You have to stick together.”

Groh is a true public servant. In addition to working for the state, he served on the Board of Selectmen in Thompson and was First Selectman from 2007-2013. Since then he has served as vice chair Vice Chair of the Board of Finance.

A lifelong resident of Thompson, Groh and his wife Erica have three children and three grandchildren. He has been endorsed by our Council 4 union along with other unions representing public safety and law enforcement, such as the Connecticut Police & Fire Union and the Connecticut State Police Union.

Michael Tuthill, President of AFSCME Local 1565, says the Connecticut legislature needs more people like Larry Groh in it.

“Larry is one of us. He is there for the working person, not for the big corporations or the CEOs and the multi-millionaires who are trying to take away our rights and our benefits and our futures,” Tuthill commented.

Groh is one of six active or retired Council 4 members running for the General Assembly. Also on the ballot are current State Representatives Joe Aresimowicz (Local 3145, Berlin and Southington) and Michael DiMassa (Local 681, West Haven and New Haven), along with Caitlin Clarkson-Pereira (Local 2836, Fairfield), Kevin Fuller (Retired Local 2267, Bristol), Tony Gennaro (Local 1361, Middletown).

Learn more about the importance of electing pro-labor candidates at bit.ly/C4Votes18.