A Message of Thanks to Council 4 Members for Being Everyday Heroes

Dear Council 4 Members:

We are approaching the end of a year like no other. Since early March, COVID-19 has brought havoc to our lives and to our jobs. We have had to make massive readjustments in order to keep our families and communities safe.  

Through it all, Council 4 union members have met the moment. You have worked with extraordinary courage and dedication to make sure vital services went uninterrupted as the novel coronavirus surged in the spring and again during the holidays, leaving a trail of illness, contagion and sadly, death. You have demonstrated your commitment not only to the public you serve but also to your union as a vehicle for dignity and protection.  

Council 4 members, public or private sector, are simultaneously the backbone of Connecticut and proof of its diverse tapestry. You are “Everyday Heroes,” and every single one of you has made our state stronger throughout this crisis. You are proof that collective bargaining and workers’ rights provide a blueprint for coping with a crisis of this magnitude.  

Our union's executive leadership team is proud, too, of the work Council 4 staff has done to protect our jobs, our benefits and our bargaining rights throughout this crisis. While our office remains closed to the public, we continue to provide the highest quality representation and advocacy.  

Relying on a mix of technology and safe and socially distanced meetings, we’re settling fair contracts, advocating for health and safety, pushing forward on arbitrations, preventing mass layoffs, providing training and education, making our voice heard in matters of legislation and public policy, stopping privatization, organizing new members and more.  

The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine has brought hope, but reality tells us that any recovery will be difficult. The failure of Congress to fund the front lines of public service and the projected state budget deficit pose a direct threat to our jobs and livelihoods. At the same, the pandemic exposed the ugly fault lines of systemic racism and economic inequality—making the labor movement even more crucial to rebuilding a fairer economy that works for all of us.

It is the “U” and “I” that make a “UNION.” Together, we will meet the challenge of healing the scars of the coronavirus and rebuilding our state.

Thanks for all you do. We wish you a happy new year and better days ahead.

In solidarity,

Jody Barr, Council 4 Executive Director

Amy O’Connor, Council 4 Chief of Staff  

Troy Raccuia, Council 4 Director of Collective Bargaining

Kelly Martinez, Council 4 Director of Organizing