Rep. Jahana Hayes Joins Council 4 In Calling For State, Local Aid

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to devastate the nation’s physical and fiscal health, U.S. Rep Jahana Hayes (CT-5) took time out to urge Council 4 members to make their voices heard in the fierce political battle to approve massive federal aid for states, cities and towns.

Speaking to Council 4’s biweekly Presidents Plus 1 meeting on Zoom earlier this month,  Hayes emphasized the importance of getting the HEROES Act, which passed the House in April, to clear the Senate.

“[W]e don’t want to see state and local governments have to lay off employees. We don’t want the people who are working on the front lines to not be taken care of,” she said.

AFSCME has led organized labor’s charge for a $1 trillion federal stimulus package to help state and municipal governments avoid a catastrophe.

The much-needed aid would make it possible for communities across America to continue to provide essential public services such as clean water, trash pickup, public education, emergency health care and more. It would also help state and local agencies provide front-line public service workers the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to do their jobs safely.

In addition to focusing on the HEROES Act, Hayes has been vocal about the need to ensure that school districts reopen safely and with proper funding to provide services.

“We cannot risk people’s safety at the expense of jump starting the economy,” she said. “This is not a binary choice. We can do both.”

According to the Economic Policy Institute, Connecticut stands to lose 59,200 jobs (public and private sector) by the end of 2021 if Congress fails to pass a fiscal relief package.

You can take action. Please call your U.S. Senators at 1-888-981-9704 to demand at least $1 trillion in aid to our states, cities and towns and to pass the HEROES Act.